Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 2003, Volume 39, No. 2

Summer 2003 Gem News International

            "Additional” Facets and Their Effect on Scintillation
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            “Alphabet” Agates from Indonesia
            Unusual Cat’s-Eye Beryl from Brazil
            Magnetic Corundum
            Large Pink Fluorite from Pakistan
            Crystals of Color-Change Garnet from Bekily, Madagascar
            The Lion Cut for Colored Stones and Diamonds
            Tale of a Swallowed Tahitian Cultured Pearl
            Trapiche Rubies Displaying Asterism
            Cat’s-Eye Scapolite from Tanzania
            Miscellany from Tucson
Synthetics and Simulants     
            Cubic Zirconia Briolettes
            A Bicolored Synthetic Diamond
Conference Reports
            SME 2003 Annual Meeting
            Digital Geologic Map of Madagascar
            Thailand Gem Adventure
            AGTA Spectrum Awards competition
            Jewellery World Expo 2003
            GIA GemFest USA
            IGC Postponed
            Training Courses in Heat Treating Corundum
            Geophysical Exploration for Diamonds
            Diamonds—From Source to Use
            HRD Diamond Marketing Conference
            SEG Diamond and Kimberlite Course
            Enamels at the Newark Museum
            Art Deco at the Royal Ontario Museum
            Tourmaline at Mineralientage München
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