Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1993, Volume 29, No. 2

Summer 1993 Gem News International

            Botswana Produces Large Diamond
            DeBeers Now Marketing High-Quality, High-Pressure Synthetic Diamond Products
            DeBeers Offers CVD Industrial Synthetic Diamond Products
            "Flanders Brilliant" Cut Debuts in U.S.
            Sakha (Yakutia) Building up Diamond Reserves
            Venezuela Diamond Production Up
Colored Stones
            Blue Cancrinite from Greenland
            "Emerald Matrix" from North Carolina
            Gemstone Globe and Maps
            Lapidary Art
            Banded Iridescent Obsidian
            Gems from Orissa, India
            Cultured Freshwater Pearls from Hanoi, Vietnam
            Peridot from Zabargad Island
            Ornamental Porphyry from Canada
            Natural Resin from Colombia
            Ruby Mining near Mahenge, Tanzania
            Opticon Follow-Up
            Turquoise Treatment Stability
Synthetics and Simulants
            Synthetic Corundum as a Topaz Simulant
            Russian Flux-Grown Synthetic Emeralds
            Novel Opal Simulants
            More on Plastic Imitation Opal
            ''Synthetic Opal" from Russia
            More on Paraiba Tourmaline Simulants
            Color-Zoned Synthetic Blue Quartz
            Nontransparent Synthetic Quartz
            Synthetic Spinel from Eastern Germany
            New Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum
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