Lab Notes Gems & Gemology, Summer 1991, Volume 27, No. 2

Summer 1991 G&G Lab Notes

Amber Damaged in Cleaning
Large Electron-Treated Diamond
Electron Treated Diamond in Period Jewelry
Fracture Filled Diamond
Green Surface-Colored Rough Diamond Fashioned to a Fancy Light Yellow
Green Diamond with Radiation Stains in Etch Channels
Pearl Cultured "Demi-Pearl"
Freshwater "Rosebud" Pearls
Rare Assembled Cultured Blister Pearls
An Early (?) Flux-Grown Synthetic Ruby
Spinel with Unusual Green Fluorescence
Cobalt-Colored Synthetic Spinel with Unusual Inclusions
Dark Blue Topaz Damaged by Treatment
Radioactive Zircon
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