Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 2003, Volume 39, No. 1

Spring 2003 Gem News International

Tucson 2003
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Dyed “Landscape” Agate
            Carved Brazilian Bicolored Beryl and Nigerian Tourmaline
            A New Saturated Purplish Pink Cs-“Beryl” from Madagascar: Preliminary Analyses
            A New Find of Demantoid at a Historic Site in Kladovka, Russia
            Fire Opal from Juniper Ridge, Oregon
            Cultured Pearls with Diamond Insets
            Effect of Cutting on the Appearance of Spinel
Instruments and Techniques
            Gemewizard™ Gem Communication and Trading Software
Conference Reports
            AGTA Corundum Panel
GNI Regular Features
            European Commission Approves the De Beers Supplier of Choice Initiative
            A type IaB Diamond Showing a “Tatami” Strain Pattern
Colored Stones
            Poldervaartite from South Africa
            Triphylite Inclusions in Quartz from Brazil
Synthetics and Simulants     
            Life Gem Synthetic Diamonds
Conference Reports
            SME 2003 Annual Meeting
            AGTA Spectrum Awards Competition
            GIA Museum Exhibits in Carlsbad
            Gems at the Bowers Museum Extended Again
            Fabergé at the Walters Art Museum
            CIM Montreal 2003
            GIA GemFests 2003
            Field Symposium in Urumqi
            13th V. M. Goldschmidt Conference
            JCK Show Las Vegas
            Faceters Symposium 2003
            Jewelry 2003: Honoring the Sataloffs
            FIPP 2003
            Diamond 2003
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