Lab Notes Gems & Gemology, Spring 1996, Volume 32, No. 1

Spring 1996 G&G Lab Notes

A Notable Yellow Synthetic Diamond from Russia
One Natural and One Imitation Emerald Earring
Grossular Garnet-Bearing Rock, Resembling Impregnated Jadeite
Jadeite Jade with Copper Inclusions
Jadeite Jade with "Reconstructed" Area
Abalone Pearls
Pearls Partially Coated to Conceal Old Drill Holes
Periclase Possibly Confused with Grossular Garnet
Dyed Quartz as Imitation Ruby
Ruby/Ruby Doublet
Synthetic Ruby with Fanciful Polishing Marks
Sapphire with Rounded Facet Junctions
Green Synthetic Sapphire
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