Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1994, Volume 30, No. 1

Spring 1994 Gem News International

            Cubic Zirconia Misrepresented as Diamond
Colored Stones
            Jade-Cutting Factory on the Myanmar-Thai Border
            Instability of Diamond Filling
            Coated Sapphires Misrepresented as Diffusion Treated
Colored Stones and Organic Material
            Arizona Gem Materials
            Emeralds from Brazil
            "Jurassic Park" Gems and Carvings
            Gems from Madagascar
            Myanmar Gems
            More on Obsidian
            Cat's-Eye Opal from Brazil
            Opal from Ethiopia
            Miscellaneous Notes on Peridot
            Russian Uvarovite Garnet
            Other Russian Materials
            Rubies and Other Gems from Orissa
            Miscellaneous Notes on Tourmaline
            Update on Diffusion Treatment
Synthetics and Simulants
            Beryl Triplets
            Chatham Flux-Grown Pink Synthetic Sapphires
            Douros Synthetic Rubies
            More on Russian Synthetics and Simulants
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