Lab Notes Gems & Gemology, Volume 47, No. 3

Fall 2011 G&G Lab Notes

Unusually Large Clinohumite
Black Diamond Colored by Strong Plastic Deformation
Coated Black Diamond
Coated Diamond with Spectroscopic Features of a Natural-Color Pink
Colorless Untreated Diamonds with High Levels of Strain
HPHT Treatment for Subtle Color Enhancement of Diamond
An Interesting Luminescent Cleavage in Diamond
A Large HPHT-Annealed Pink Diamond
Gem-Quality CVD Synthetic Diamonds from Gemesis
Treated Synthetic Diamonds with Pink Color Intensified by Fluorescence
Cultured Pearls from Pteria Sterna with Plastic Bead Nuclei
Large Conch Pearl
Natural and Synthetic Green Sapphires with Similar Color but Remarkably Different Chromophores
Unusual Be-Diffused Pink Sapphire . . . A Cautionary Note
Unusually High Beryllium in Three Blue Sapphires
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Unusually Large Clinohumite - Additional Spectra
October 24, 2011