Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 1995, Volume 31, No. 3

Fall 1995 Gem News International

            Diamond with Mobile Diamond Inclusion
            Update on Russian Diamond Mining
            Spy Ship Looks for Diamonds
Colored Stones
            Cat's-Eye Apatites from Madagascar
            "Eilat Stone" from Israel and Peru
            Six-Rayed Star Emerald
            Faceted Genthelvite: A Gemological First
            "Drusy" Hausmannite
            Costa Rican Jade Museum
            Green Opal from Serbia
            "Deep" Quartz from Africa
            Egyptian Green Quartz
            Quartz with "Hematite" Inclusions
            Aromatic Resin Necklace: A form of Myrrh?
            Update on Mong Hsu Ruby
            Rubies and Sapphires from North Carolina
            Purple Scapolite from Tajikistan
            Large Spinel from Tajikistan
            Color-Change Zircons
            Impregnated Malachite
Synthetics and Simulants
            Unusual Color-Zoned Synthetic Amethyst
            More on Czochraski "Pulled" Synthetic Sapphires
            Tanzanite-Colored Synthetic Sapphire
            Natural and Synthetic Quartz "Constructs"
            Dates Set for February 1996 Tucson Shows
            Education at the Tucson AGTA GemFair
            Visit Gems & Gemology in Tucson
            More GIA Tucson Show News
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