Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1996, Volume 32, No. 2

Summer 1996 Gem News International

            Diamond with a Fluorescent Phantom Crystal
            Tairus Synthetic Diamonds in Jewelry
Colored Stones
            Anorthosite Rock with Uvarovite Garnet "Speckles"
            Update on Porous Chrysocolla-Colored Chalcedony
            Chatoyant Clinochlore from Russia
            Cat's-Eye Diopside from Southern India
            Garnets from Mozambique
            Green-and-White Jadeite from Russia
            Visit to Myanma Gems Museum
            Variegated Translucent Jasper from Mexico
            An Unusual Morganite
            Scottish Pearls
            Rubies from Madagascar
            Sapphire Mining in Kanchanaburi
            Update on Tanzanite Mining
            "Golden" Tourmaline from Kenya
            Novel Opal Doublets from Brazil
            Sapphires with "Induced" Stars
Synthetics and Simulants
            Manufactured Composite Material Imitating Jadeite
            "Drusy" Silicon, a Computer-Industry By-Product
            A Convincing Tanzanite Substitute
            "Tavalite," Cubic Zirconia Colored by an Optical Coating
            Sixth Annual Cutting Edge Awards
            Gem-Related Exhibits at American Museums
            Special Synthetics Exhibit at the Sorbonne
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