Career Fair Matches Talent and Opportunity

September 17, 2013
Jewelry designer Alishan Halebian coaches an aspiring designer at a GIA Career Fair in Carlsbad. Career coaching sessions make it possible for jewelry industry hopefuls to meet with industry leaders to ask questions and seek advice.
The GIA Jewelry Career Fair was created in 1991 to more effectively match professionally trained talent with gem and jewelry industry employers. It was the first time – other than through traditional job search methods – that prospective employers and employees could meet one-on-one in an organized, informative and supportive setting. Tens of thousands of aspiring professionals have attended the nearly 50 Career Fairs held to-date. 
More than two decades have passed since the inaugural event, but the need to bring together talented people and prospective employers in the gem and jewelry industry remains strong. GIA has broadened the global reach of the event to meet this ongoing challenge and has held Career Fairs at the Institute’s world headquarters in Carlsbad, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and India. 
Each event kicks off with a panel presentation by key industry leaders who offer comments on the current market and career advice for those entering it. More themed panel discussions follow and have included discussions on creative careers, how to manage your designs and the exciting world of the celebrity stylist. Panel participants often share their personal stories of success and offer motivation and inspiration for attendees. 
One-on-one coaching sessions and the recruiting aspect of the event give prospective employees the opportunity to get firsthand advice on how to create a successful and fulfilling career and to meet with key leaders and recruiters to learn about specific jobs in the gem and jewelry industry.
“Career Fair has evolved to become much more than a way for students and job seekers to embark on new careers,” said Kathryn Kimmel, co-founder of the event and vice president and Chief Marketing Officer for GIA. “It’s brought the best and brightest professionals along with innovative ideas to the industry, and it’s provided a valuable platform for established leaders in the gem and jewelry field to give back.”

Left: Attendees at GIA Career Fair in India meet with recruiters. Right: The audience listens during a panel presentation in Carlsbad. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions at the end of panel presentations. 
Left: A recruiter meets with a job seeker at GIA Career Fair in Carlsbad. Most recruiters in attendance are actively seeking new employees and are eager to meet with professionally trained graduates. Right: Gem and jewelry industry leaders discuss the job market and give career advice during a Carlsbad presentation.

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“Attending the GIA Career Fair was a great opportunity for me to see the variety of positions available to graduates.”
Peter Sainz, who was hired by Beverly Loan Company at a 2012 Career Fair

GIA Jewelry Career Fair

The GIA Jewelry Career Fair will be held July 28, 2014 at The Javits Center in New York, NY and October 10, 2014 at the GIA World Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.
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