Abstract Gems & Gemology, Summer 2013, Vol. 49, No. 2

EOSFancy: Automatic Bruting of Fancy Shapes

More than eight years ago, Belgium’s Scientific Research Centre for Diamonds (WTCOD) developed an automatic bruter for round diamonds. The bruting machine was based on a new principle: the application of a grinding wheel, rotating in a cooling liquid, to a rotating diamond. WTCOD has now expanded the scope of the EOS bruting machine to fancy shapes by linking the feed movement of the disc to the rotating position of the diamond. With EOSFancy, one can brute any convex shape with high accuracy and symmetry. The new software requires a recent PC with a specific graphics card. EOSFancy can be used manually or via a transfer from a rough scanner. The system can be used for both prebruting and finishing, and it is the ideal complement to laser prebruting. With EOSFancy, a lasered girdle can be finished perpendicular to the table with a result closer to the end dimensions, with a shorter processing time. The development is now in testing phase at a limited number of Antwerp-based diamond companies. A commercial version is expected to be released by HRD during 2013.

Abstracted by Guy Lalous