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Bangkok Skyline

Located in one of the most vibrant cities in Southeast Asia and one of the world’s largest trading centres for coloured stones, GIA in Bangkok is vital to our laboratory and education services. The laboratory provides gem research for both the local and international coloured gemstone communities, while the classrooms offer hands-on gemmology education.

GIA Bangkok Laboratory

GIA’s laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand conducts research and provides services such as diamond grading and origin determination, coloured stone grading and origin determination, and pearl identification and classification.

The laboratory, which includes a coloured stone and pearl identification department, research centre and field gemmology department, also performs detailed sample analyses and shares its observations through its renowned Field Gemmology Programme as well as through GIA’s website. The research done here serves as the backbone of GIA’s gemstone identification and origin determinations.

Study On Campus in Bangkok

Established in 1993, GIA Bangkok offers full-time, on-campus gemmology and jewellery design qualification programmes that help translate students’ passion for gems and jewellery into careers. 

Students learn from experienced instructors using the gemmological and jewellery design equipment utilised by professionals throughout the industry. Class sizes are kept small, ranging from 15-24 students, to ensure that students get the individual attention they need. Studies also include carefully curated extracurricular activities, such as field-trips to mines, gem markets and manufacturing centres, as well as networking opportunities with fellow classmates. 

Quality Gemmological Instruments for more than 85 Years

Representing more than 60 years of research and the combined expertise of GIA’s laboratory, education and research divisions, GIA instruments have been behind the Institute’s legacy of discovery since 1930. GIA instrument developers include scientists, engineers and jewellers who strive to build advanced instrumentation that is accurate, reliable and benefit the retailer’s bottom line. Retailers, wholesalers and appraisers can be assured of precise, problem-free operation that helps them buy, grade and appraise with increased accuracy, giving them a competitive edge.
Fuelled by its non-profit mission to protect the public, GIA strives to stay well ahead of disruptive technologies. By developing new instruments such as the GIA iD100TM, which screens for laboratory-grown diamonds, GIA continues to promote ethics and full disclosure in this ever-evolving industry. Visit the GIA Store.

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