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Pearl Identification Report for Natural Pearls
11111Pearl Identification Report

Pearl Identification Report

Details quantity, weight, size, shape, color, origin, mollusk, environment and detectable treatments. For loose, mounted or strung pearls.

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11111Pearl Classification Report

Pearl Classification Report

Includes all Identification Report information, plus luster, surface, and matching, if applicable. For loose, mounted, or strung nacreous pearls.

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Comparison Chart

Pearl Identification Report
Loose, mounted, or strung pearls of any type View sample report
Pearl Classification Report
Loose, mounted, or strung, untreated nacerous pearls only View Sample Report
Approximate Cost $ 200 * $ 225 *
Mollusk ** **
Luster, Surface, Matching **
Tested for Treatments
Digital Photograph
*NOTE: prices shown for 20" strung necklace
**When applicable
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Pearl Services

Nacre Thickness

Calculation of average nacre thickness added to the Pearl report. Only applicable for bead cultured pearls.

Random Sample

Test a sample of pearls in a piece where all the pearl are of the same type.

Quality Analysis

Test and sort pearls based on results of specified test categories. Provided in list style with up to 10 pearls per report. No digital image provided.

X-Ray Computed Microtomography

Examination of the internal structure of loose pearls.

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