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Mile High Chapter: Gemstone Reference Websites with Jolyon Ralph

The chapter is excited to welcome Jolyon Ralph, the founder of two of the most respected online reference resources to the mineral and gemstone communities - and

Developed and operated by Ralph, both Mindat and Gemdat are non-profit educational databases, available to the public online and are widely used by research institutes, collectors, traders, and hobbyists worldwide; providing something for everyone, from beginners to experts in the gem and mineral trades.

Join us at the event as Jolyon provides a tour through these unique and useful reference websites; delivering an overview of each and sharing the extensive tools and resources available to reference, learn and catalog your gems and minerals.

About the speaker: Jolyon Ralph studied geology at Imperial College London (UK) and as an active mineral collector, he combined his love for both minerals and computers and started a personal mineral information database, in 1993. This personal database continued to develop and was publicly launched in the autumn of 2000, as the website; now the largest mineralogy resource available on the internet. As Mindat continued to flourish, Joylon recognized the demand for a similar resource in the gemstone community, and has developed a second resource site - - overseen and operated by Joylon and his wife Katya.

In 2011, Jolyon Ralph was the recipient of the Distinguished Public Service Award, from Mineralogical Society of America (MSA); the recognition was bestowed upon him for his work in creating Mindat.

Please join this opportunity to learn and network with other local jewelry and gem professionals. All are welcome to attend Mile High Chapter events; whether you're a GIA graduate, student, industry associate, hobbyist or guest. Please share this invitation with any others you feel would be interested.