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A large scoop of rough diamonds.
Industry Analysis

Consumer Confidence, Jewelry Sales, On the Rise

The improving economy and continued employment growth in the U.S. have Americans looking past the news of the day to go out and spend money. Read More
Circular logo with the words “International GIA Gemological Symposium” around the outside and a star with a diamond center in the center circle.

2018 GIA Symposium

Scientists and business leaders will gather at a summit of the gem and jewelry industry. Read More
Inclusion scene of pyrite crystals and aragonite spheres in Ethiopian opal.

Aragonite Spheres in Ethiopian Opal

Unusual inclusions are found in an opal from Ethiopia’s Wollo Province.
Read More
These two opals were represented as natural-color blue and pink opal from Mexico.
Gem News International

Update on Dyed Hydrophane Opal

Opal purportedly from a new deposit is found to be dyed.
Read More

Remarkable Twinned Calcite Inclusion in Mogok Ruby

A clear example of calcite twinning is found in a ruby from the Mogok Stone Tract. Read More

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