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Remarkable Twinned Calcite Inclusion in Mogok Ruby

A clear example of calcite twinning is found in a ruby from the Mogok Stone Tract. Read More
Diamond with uneven “lizard skin” surface texture.
Lab Note

Lizard Skin on Deformed Diamond

The surface texture of a diamond is affected by the gemstone’s structure. Read More
A male retail jeweler helps a woman look at a diamond through a loupe.
Industry Analysis

Reports Indicate Continued Economic Growth

Holiday jewelry sales in the U.S. increased in 2017, according to a several industry and economic reports. Updates on diamond markets and challenges.
Read More
Shattuckite typically forms aggregates of circular to spherulitic masses composed of acicular crystals

Quarterly Crystal: Shattuckite in Quartz

A quartz crystal from Namibia, hosting of spherulitic to circular masses of shattuckite, is examined.
Read More
Sub-hexagonal etch pits in synthetic moissanite.
Lab Note

Synthetic Moissanite Imitating Rough Diamond

A light green specimen, submitted as a rough diamond, is actually a synthetic moissanite.
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