Alumni Chapter

Wisconsin Chapter: Identifying Synthetic Diamonds

Through interactive, guided discussion led by GIA instructor, this seminar will present information on HPHT and CVD-grown synthetic diamonds and how to seperate them from natural diamonds.

Synthetic diamonds are of great interest to the gem and jewelry industry and they are here to stay, but disclosure and identification continues to be an issue for the trade. As availability and use of synthetic diamonds continues to rise, whether synthetic are grown by the high pressure, high temerature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) methods, we need to be able to detect them.

We hope you join us at this educational event.

Speaker: Shelly Verwymeren, GIA GG
A 19-year veteran in the jewelry industry, Verwymeren’s experience includes product and retail management, sales and jewelry design. Before receiving her Graduate Gemologist diploma and becoming an instructor for GIA, she operated her own company and lived and worked in several European and Asian markets. She became fascinated with gems and beautiful jewelry during her extensive travels and was inspired to spread her love of the industry through teaching. Verwymeren shares her passion for gemology with students around the world.

All are welcome to attend; whether you're a GIA graduate, student, industry associate, hobbyist or guest. Please share this invitation with any others you feel would be interested.