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Washington D.C. Chapter: How to Spot a Georgian Fake with Nicholle Mogavero

Nicholle Mogavero will take us into the antique jewelry universe, where nothing is hotter than Georgian jewelry. With popularity and soaring prices, come fakes and reproductions that fool consumers and experts daily. Would you know a fake if you saw it? Mogavero will show you what to look for, provide the tell-tale signs of a fake, and supply a step-by-step guide to recognize originals and their reproduced variations.
Mogavero, a veteran of the jewelry business since 1999, is a GIA diamonds graduate and appraiser who specializes in antique jewelry as an estate jewelry appraiser and buyer. She is a jewelry historian with extensive training by the Antique Jewelry Symposium and private experts throughout the country. Mogavero has a penchant for the Georgian era with an emphasis on authentication. She is a member of the GIA Alumni Association and the Women’s Jewelry Association, and writes a blog on gemology and antique jewelry called “Jewelry Nerd.”

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