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Switzerland Chapter: Patrick Dreher, The House of Dreher

Thursday, March 8, 2018


The chapter is excited to welcome 5th generation, artist and master gem carver Patrick Dreher, from the House of Dreher. Dreher will present a brief history of his home Idar Oberstein, Germany, the renown gemstone trading and cutting center. He will also share his family's rich legacy within the community and their historical association to gemstone carving in Russia, including the House of Fabérge, the Hermitage Museum, and the support of encouraging contemporary carvers today.

Dreher will also share the recently published book about his family, released in October 2017. Contributing authors include curators from the British Museum of Natural History, Harvard Mineralogical Museum, Houston Mineralogical Museum and collectors worldwide. The book will be available for purchase this evening and Mr. Dreher will be available for book signing.
Addtional details and an event invitation will soon follow.
The event is open for all to attend!

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