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Top: The drilled green briolettes. Bottom: Fluid inclusions, crystals, and two-phase inclusions.
Coated Beryl Imitating Emerald

Coating on a beryl demonstrates the importance of thorough examination of jewelry and gem materials.

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Fancy red and Fancy Vivid yellowish green color-treated synthetic diamonds
Treated Red and Green HPHT Synthetic Diamonds

Two treated synthetic diamonds, a Fancy red and a Fancy Vivid yellowish green, showed strikingly vibrant colors.

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Update on Diffusion-Treated Corundum: Red and Other Colors

Blue diffusion-treated sapphires have become a subject of considerable controversy since their introduction in significant quantities a few years ago.

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4.29 ct color-treated Fancy brown-pink diamond
Treated Pink Type IIa Diamond Colored by Red Luminescence

A type IIa color-treated diamond was graded as Fancy brown-pink under daylight conditions and Fancy purplish gray under incandescent lighting, a color change that resulted from HPHT annealing and irradiation.

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The Chinese Red Feldspar Controversy: Chronology of Research Through July 2009

Red copper-containing plagioclase feldspar from Oregon has been available for over a century. In the early 2000s, new localities for copper-bearing feldspar were reported from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and from Tibet or an unspecified locality in China.

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Two Treated-Color Synthetic Red Diamonds Seen in the Trade

Two dark brownish red faceted stones, recently submitted to the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory for standard origin-of-color reports, were found to be treated synthetic diamonds.

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Treated-Color Pink-To-Red Diamonds from Lucent Diamonds Inc.

Using a multi-step process, Lucent Diamonds has developed a new treatment process for certain natural diamonds that creates colors from pink-purple through red to orangy brown.

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This 12.12 ct stone showed features associated with natural ruby.
An Unusual Filled Ruby

A red specimen, showing properties associated with Burmese ruby, shows a rare method of clarity enhancement.

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Irradiated Topaz and Radioactivity

Large quantities of colorless topaz are currently being treated by gamma irradiation to turn them blue.

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Fancy-Colored Diamonds
Diamond, Artificially Irradiated and Coated Brown

Examination of a diamond with a rare and highly sought-after Fancy reddish brown color revealed that it had been irradiated and coated.

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