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Argyle pink diamonds
Exceptional Pink to Red Diamonds: A Celebration of the 30th Argyle Diamond Tender

Describes the extremely rare polished pink diamonds from Australia’s Argyle mine that have been sold for 30 years through invitation-only tenders.

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How to Travel Brazil: Gemstones Edition

Brazil is a tropical locale well-known for exotic animals and plants, futból, sandy beaches, and jungle-clad mountains. Some of these mountains rise like monuments in the middle of cities, such as Sugarloaf Mountain in the ever-colorful and playful Rio de Janeiro. The country also contains the renowned Amazon River, not to mention superb gemstones in a kaleidoscope of saturated, luscious colors.

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Horn shaped jewel pendant featuring emeralds, rubies, diamonds and pearls, and shows engravings in Arabic. Article
Centuries of Opulence: Jewels of India

Learn about the journey of gemstones used to create the fabulous Indian jewelry featured in this special exhibit at GIA in Carlsbad.

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El Pulpito, the landmark overlooking the Chivor mine
In Rainier’s Footsteps: Journey to the Chivor Emerald Mine

Chronicles the famed emerald source through the adventures of Peter W. Rainier, who directed the mine from 1926 to 1931 and restored its former glory.

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Study sample emeralds
A Preliminary Study on the Separation of Natural and Synthetic Emeralds Using Vibrational Spectroscopy

Reports preliminary findings—based on FTIR and Raman spectrometry of more than 300 samples—on distinguishing natural and synthetic emeralds using vibrational spectroscopy.

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Indian necklace Article
Jewelers to the Maharajas of Jaipur and Modern-Day Moguls

Enter a world not well-known in the West—the world of the maharajas and their jewelry, coveted by the modern-day moguls of business, entertainment, and royalty. See the fantastic works of art made today in the form of enameled Kundan meena jewelry and the regal look of polki diamonds.

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Worker attaching wax forms Article
Shenzhen: The Frontier of China’s Gem and Jewelry Industry

All jewelry professionals are familiar with the city of Shenzhen, a global jewelry manufacturing center and a leader of China’s fast-growing gem and jewelry industry. Join the GIA team as we tour the city and discover more about its leading jewelry brands.

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Sri Lanka: Expedition to the Island of Jewels
Sri Lanka: Expedition to the Island of Jewels

Offers a firsthand look at Sri Lanka’s mining, cutting, jewelry manufacturing, and retail sectors, where tradition and innovation converge.

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Blue Moon, rough and cut
Study of the Blue Moon Diamond

Presents spectroscopic and phosphorescence data of the Blue Moon, a 12.03 ct Fancy Vivid blue diamond discovered at the historic Cullinan mine in early 2014.

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Colombian independent miners
Colombian Emerald Industry: Winds of Change

A firsthand look at Colombia’s emerald mines and the cutting and trading industry in Bogotá.

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