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“Diffusion Ruby” Proves to be Synthetic Ruby Overgrowth on Natural Corundum

A relatively new production of red corundum, reportedly from Bangkok, has been offered for sale in recent years.

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An Introduction to Synthetic Gem Materials

A synthetic gem material is one that is made in a laboratory, but which shares virtually all chemical, optical, and physical characteristics of its natural mineral counterpart, though in some cases, namely synthetic turquoise and synthetic opal, additional compounds can be present.

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Richard Nacken in 1907
Synthetic Emeralds Grown by Richard Nacken in the Mid-1920s: Properties, Growth Technique, and Historical Account

Describes the chemical, morphological, and microscopic properties of the first gem-quality synthetic emeralds ever produced, offering a historical perspective on their development.

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Synthetic Emeralds
Confocal Micro-Raman Spectroscopy: A Powerful Tool to Identify Natural and Synthetic Emeralds

More than 300 natural and synthetic emeralds from various sources were examined with confocal Raman spectroscopy.

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The Chromium Content of Lechleitner Synthetic Emerald Overgrowth

The higher the chromium content in synthetic emerald overgrowth, the darker the coating and appearance of the stone will be.

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Assortment of Linde synthetic star rubies and sapphires
Dual-Color Double Stars in Ruby, Sapphire, and Quartz: Cause and Historical Account

Examines a form of asterism comprising two six-rayed stars, one white and one that exhibits the stone’s bodycolor. Firsthand accounts and a survey of patent documents reveal that diffusion has been used to create or enhance this optical phenomenon in synthetic and possibly natural corundum since the 1950s.

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Abstracts; Fall 1991

This article, from the Fall 1991 issue of Gems & Gemology, is a compilation of abstracts of important gemology-related articles published outside of Gems & Gemology.

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Abstracts; Summer 1991

From the Summer 1991 issue of Gems & Gemology, a summary of important gemology-related articles published in other journals.

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Gemological Investigation of a New Type of Russian Hydrothermal Synthetic Emerald

Tairus, in Novosibirsk, has produced yet another new type of Russian hydrothermal synthetic emerald.

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The Lennix Synthetic Emerald

An examination of the gemological properties of a French flux fusion-grown synthetic emerald.

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