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Aquamarine from San Luis Potosí State in northern Mexico
Aquamarine from a New Primary Deposit in Mexico

Examination of aquamarine samples from a new primary deposit in San Luis Potosí, northern Mexico.

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Press Release
New Mineral Named in Honor of Gemology Pioneer

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Oct. 9, 2018 – Researchers at GIA, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Padova, recently discovered crowningshieldite, a new mineral named in honor of G. Robert Crowningshield, a pioneering figure in gemological research for more than 50 years at GIA.

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10.08 ct HPHT synthetic diamond with color equivalent to Fancy Deep blue
Blue HPHT Synthetic Diamond Over 10 Carats

Results from GIA’s recent testing of a 10.08 ct blue HPHT synthetic diamond, the largest HPHT synthetic recorded to date.

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A 0.11 ct faceted grandidierite from Madagascar
A New Deposit of Gem-Quality Grandidierite in Madagascar

Reviews the properties of exceptionally pure grandidierite from a new source.

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5.19 ct CVD synthetic diamond
CVD Synthetic Diamond Over 5 Carats Identified by GIA

Results from GIA’s recent testing of a 5.19 ct CVD synthetic diamond, the largest it has examined to date.

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Recently discovered and legendary diamonds in the blue/gray/violet color range
Natural-Color Blue, Gray, and Violet Diamonds: Allure of the Deep

Summarizes data collected on more than 15,000 natural blue/gray/violet diamonds examined by GIA during the last decade and examines the mechanisms that produce this color range.

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Faceted blue zircons
Reversible Color Modification of Blue Zircon by Long-Wave Ultraviolet Radiation

Determines whether blue zircon, inadvertently altered to brown by exposure to long-wave UV radiation, can be restored to its original color through the use of incandescent light.

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Dattaw and Baw Mar Article
Visit Two of Mogok’s Most Important Mines with GIA

Join GIA’s field gemologists as they visit two of Mogok’s most important mines: the Dattaw ruby mine and Baw Mar sapphire mine.

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Suite containing over 36 carats of Yogo sapphire
Gemological Characterization of Sapphires from Yogo Gulch, Montana

A look at the mining and distinguishing characteristics of this naturally vibrant blue sapphire.

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 Large open mussel shell with pink interior Article
Freshwater Pearling in Tennessee

Natural pearl identification is one of the critical problems in pearl research. The DNA study of pearly mollusks and oysters facilitates solving this problem. To fulfill this goal, GIA sent a group from both research and education to Tennessee to sample the freshwater mollusks for DNA bar coding. Come with us to Camden, Tennessee, to see how we dive for pearly shells.

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