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This 2.14 ct “Fancy red” oval-cut diamond was produced through a multi-step treatment process. Article
Treated Fancy Red Diamond

Examines a 2.14 ct oval-cut diamond, graded as Fancy red, whose red color was produced through a combination of high-presssure, high-temperature (HPHT) treatment and irradiation plus annealing.

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Special Report on Red Feldspar

A compilation of ongoing research into red feldspar and its sources around the world, as well as the detection of various color treatment processes.

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Under the strong UV radiation of the DiamondView, the carbonado samples displayed regions of either green or orange to red fluorescence. Article
Photoluminescence Features of Carbonado Diamonds

Reports on the photoluminescence features of three faceted carbonado diamonds and proposes some constraints on the geologic conditions of their formation.

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Update on "Low-Temperature" Heat Treatment of Mozambican Ruby: A Focus on Inclusions and FTIR Spectroscopy

GIA's Bangkok laboratory recently performed heat treatment experiments on 47 Mozambican rubies mined in Mugloto.

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A selection of 34 lead glass filled star rubies showing the color range of the new material from pink to red and to near black. The stones in the photograph weight from approximately 1 to 20 carats. Article
Lead Glass-Filled Star Rubies Reportedly from Madagascar

A preliminary examination of 34 star rubies, supposedly from Madagascar, that had had been clarity-enhanced with a lead-glass filler. Includes a comparison with star rubies from other deposits.

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Synthetic Ruby Overgrowth on Natural Corundum Article
Analysis of Synthetic Ruby Overgrowth on Corundum

Analysis of synthetic ruby overgrowth on corundum, using analysis of inclusions, UV-Vis-NIR and EDXRF spectroscopy, and LA-ICP-MS.

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Cambodian-Thai Ruby Article
A Study of Rubies from Cambodia and Thailand

A report from the GIA Laboratory in Bangkok analyzing 41 Cambodian-Thai rubies.

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Heat treatment of some pink sapphires Article
Low-Temperature Heat Treatment of Mozambique Ruby

Report on changes in Mozambique ruby following low-temperature heating, observed using inclusion analysis, FTIR spectroscopy, and LA-ICP-MS.

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Faceted Cobalt-Diffused Spinel and Polished Plate Samples Article
GIA Lab Reports on a New Cobalt Diffusion Treatment of Natural Spinel

Report on a new cobalt diffusion treatment of natural spinel, using analysis of inclusions, UV-Vis-NIR and EDXRF spectroscopy, and LA-ICP-MS.

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