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Red Beryl from Utah: A Review and Update

There is only one known commercial occurrence of gem-quality red beryl in the world.

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Hydrothermal Synthetic Red Beryl from the Institute of Crystallography, Moscow

Hydrothermal synthetic red beryl has been produced for jewelry applications.

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Gem-Quality Red Beryl from the Wah Wah Mountains, Utah

The unique mineralogical and gemological character of gem-quality red beryl from Utah.

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GIA Gem Project

Chemically pure beryl is colorless, but trace elements give rise to green, blue and pink/red colors.

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Emeralds and Green Beryls of Upper Egypt

More than 2,000 years ago, emerald deposits in upper Egypt were supplying gems throughout the Graeco-Roman Empire.

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Ancient Tourmaline and Beryl from Afghanistan

Examination of a large private collection of beads and carvings from antique excavations, assembled in the 1970s by a collector in Afghanistan.

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Interesting Red Tourmaline from Zambia

A new source of red tourmaline is identified in Zambia.

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Topaz, Aquamarine, and Other Beryls from Klein Spitzkoppe, Namibia

This article presents, for the first time, both gemological and geologic information on topaz, aquamarine, and other beryls from miarolitic pegmatites at Namibia’s historic Klein Spitzkoppe mineral locality.

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A New Gem Beryl Locality: Luumäki, Finland

Strongly etched prismatic crystals of yellow, green, and pale blue gem beryl have been quarried from a pegmatite dike in Luumäki, Finland.

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Beryl Gem Nodules from the Bananal Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Bicolored (aquamarine-morganite) beryl from a 1986 discovery at the Bananal mine is described.

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