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Hydrothermal Synthetic Red Beryl from the Institute of Crystallography, Moscow

Hydrothermal synthetic red beryl has been produced for jewelry applications.

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Ancient Tourmaline and Beryl from Afghanistan

Examination of a large private collection of beads and carvings from antique excavations, assembled in the 1970s by a collector in Afghanistan.

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Nonfading Maxixe-Type Beryl?

A "nonfading" specimen was examined and proved to be the typical fading Maxixe-type deep blue beryl.

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Aquamarine, Maxixe-Type Beryl, and Hydrothermal Synthetic Blue Beryl: Analysis and Identification

Aquamarine, Maxixe-type (irradiated) beryl, and two types of hydrothermally grown synthetic blue beryl currently available in the marketplace were investigated by various gemological methods.

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Natural red and synthetic orange rutile
Natural Faceted Red Rutile

A dark red stone is revealed to be natural red rutile, the first faceted specimen seen in the Carlsbad lab.

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Interesting Red Tourmaline from Zambia

A new source of red tourmaline is identified in Zambia.

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Brownish Red Zircon from Muling, China

Gem-quality brownish red zircon occurs in alluvium derived from Tertiary alkali basalt at Muling in the northeast Chinese province of Heilongjiang

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A New Classification for Red-To-Violet Garnets

An overview of previous red-to-violet garnet classification schemes and a proposal for a new one.

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Gem Garnets in The Red-To-Violet Color Range

This article shows that the characteristic of color appears to have little correlation with variations in bulk (not trace) composition or physical properties.

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Identification of the Endangered Pink-To-Red Stylaster Corals by Raman Spectroscopy

All corals within the Stylasteridae family (including the Stylaster genus) are listed in Appendix II of CITES.

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