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Famous Diamonds Examined by GIA

An aura of mystery has always surrounded these natural wonders, so it was quite an honor when GIA researchers examined these famous diamonds.

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An Important Exhibition of Seven Rare Gem Diamonds

The stories behind seven strikingly beautiful rare natural diamonds, united in an exhibit at the Smithsonian, are told here.

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Grading the Hope Diamond

One of the most popular exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution, the stunning Fancy Dark grayish blue Hope diamond was formally graded by GIA’s gem laboratory.

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Characterization and Grading of Natural-Color Pink Diamonds

Known for their great beauty and rarity, pink diamonds have long been sought after by jewelers, collectors, and consumers.

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Press Release
GIA Adds On-Site Colored Stone Services in Hong Kong and Tokyo

Labs to offer expanded services beginning June 30

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Recently discovered and legendary diamonds in the blue/gray/violet color range
Natural-Color Blue, Gray, and Violet Diamonds: Allure of the Deep

Summarizes data collected on more than 15,000 natural blue/gray/violet diamonds examined by GIA during the last decade and examines the mechanisms that produce this color range.

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Hydrogen-rich Diamonds
Gray-To-Blue-To-Violet Hydrogen-Rich Diamonds from the Argyle Mine, Australia

The Argyle diamond mine is the only known source of type IaB hydrogen- and nitrogen-rich diamonds colored gray to blue to violet.

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Rough and faceted natural-color green diamonds.
Natural-Color Green Diamonds: A Beautiful Conundrum

Characterizes diamonds with exceptionally rare natural green color, based on GIA’s extensive database of samples.

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Colored Diamonds: A Colorful Anniversary

The GIA Colored Grading Diamond System is the method by which colored diamonds are graded. It’s been so successful, that GIA has been entrusted with grading virtually every important colored diamond that has gone to auction.

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Drilled natural pearls examined in this study.
Saltwater Pearls from the Pre- to Early Columbian Era: A Gemological and Radiocarbon Dating Study

Examines 85 saltwater natural pearls, reportedly harvested from the Caribbean islands off the coast of Venezuela during the early 16th century, to determine their age.

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