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Red Beryl from Utah: A Review and Update

There is only one known commercial occurrence of gem-quality red beryl in the world.

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Top: The drilled green briolettes. Bottom: Fluid inclusions, crystals, and two-phase inclusions.
Coated Beryl Imitating Emerald

Coating on a beryl demonstrates the importance of thorough examination of jewelry and gem materials.

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GIA Gem Project

Chemically pure beryl is colorless, but trace elements give rise to green, blue and pink/red colors.

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Emeralds and Green Beryls of Upper Egypt

More than 2,000 years ago, emerald deposits in upper Egypt were supplying gems throughout the Graeco-Roman Empire.

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A round, bright red gem displayed on a dark gray background. Article
The Red Hot Gems of Summer

These red, pink and orange hued gems evoke passion and excitement – and are surefire accessories for sultry summer days.

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Orangy red cordierite.
Unusual Dark Orangy Red Cordierite

A cordierite with a color not seen in the GIA lab is examined in New York.

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Nonfading Maxixe-Type Beryl?

A "nonfading" specimen was examined and proved to be the typical fading Maxixe-type deep blue beryl.

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A green-blue specimen was identified as Maxixe-type beryl.
Green-Blue Maxixe-Type Beryl

A transparent greenish blue pear-shaped gemstone, reportedly from Madagascar, is discovered to be a Maxixe-type beryl.

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Press Release
Seeing Red: The World of Rubies

GIA at the Myanmar International Gems & Jewellery Expo, February 8-10

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This 2.14 ct “Fancy red” oval-cut diamond was produced through a multi-step treatment process. Article
Treated Fancy Red Diamond

Examines a 2.14 ct oval-cut diamond, graded as Fancy red, whose red color was produced through a combination of high-presssure, high-temperature (HPHT) treatment and irradiation plus annealing.

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