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Flux-Grown Synthetic Red and Blue Spinels from Russia

Examination of red and blue samples of a relatively new flux synthetic spinel from Russia established criteria by which they can be separated from their natural counterparts.

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A heart-shaped piece of pink drusy hangs from a gold chain. Article
Dreamy Drusy: Minute Crystals Shimmer in Dramatic Designs

Drusy jewelry has surged in popularity in recent years. Celebrities wear it on the red carpet and designers clamor for it at gem shows.

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Bright red faceted ruby in a gold ring, from the large and potentially productive Snezhnoe deposit in Tajikistan.
Rubies and Sapphires from Snezhnoe, Tajikistan

This large marble-hosted occurrence in the Pamir Mountains is a potentially productive source of corundum, including ruby with a bright red color reminiscent of “pigeon’s blood” Burmese rubies.

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“Diffusion Ruby” Proves to be Synthetic Ruby Overgrowth on Natural Corundum

A relatively new production of red corundum, reportedly from Bangkok, has been offered for sale in recent years.

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Gem Pegmatites of Minas Gerais, Brazil: Exploration, Occurrence, and Aquamarine Deposits

First in a series, this article reviews the exploration for gemstones and mining methods in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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On the Origin of Digit Patterns in Gem Opal

An examination of the finger-like feature mostly found in Ethiopian opal, and proposal for its formation.

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8.5 ct Aquamarine Cabochon
Aquamarine from the Masino-Bregaglia Massif, Central Alps, Italy

Aquamarine from granitic pegmatites of the Masino-Bregaglia Massif, Central Alps, Italy.

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Colombian Trapiche Emeralds: Recent Advances in Understanding Their Formation

Proposes a model for trapiche emerald formation based on petrographic, spectroscopic, and chemical examination.

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Tugtupite: A Gemstone from Greenland

Gem-quality tugtupite has come almost exclusively from one occurrence.

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Synthetic Rubies by Douros: A New Challenge for Gemologists

Greek manufacturer J. & A. Douros introduced a new flux synthetic ruby in early 1993.

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