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Treated-Color Pink-To-Red Diamonds from Lucent Diamonds Inc.

Using a multi-step process, Lucent Diamonds has developed a new treatment process for certain natural diamonds that creates colors from pink-purple through red to orangy brown.

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Irradiated Topaz and Radioactivity

Large quantities of colorless topaz are currently being treated by gamma irradiation to turn them blue.

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An Update on Color in Gems. Part 1: Introduction and Colors Caused by Dispersed Metal Ions

This three-part series of articles reviews our current understanding of gemstone coloration.

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An Introduction to Gem Treatments

A guide describing frequently encountered gem treatment processes, their detection, and special care tips for treated gems.

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Color In Gems: The New Technologies

A discussion of work being done to enhance color in gemstones, as well as techniques used at the California Institute of Technology to detect whether colors are natural or enhanced.

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Assortment of Linde synthetic star rubies and sapphires
Dual-Color Double Stars in Ruby, Sapphire, and Quartz: Cause and Historical Account

Examines a form of asterism comprising two six-rayed stars, one white and one that exhibits the stone’s bodycolor. Firsthand accounts and a survey of patent documents reveal that diffusion has been used to create or enhance this optical phenomenon in synthetic and possibly natural corundum since the 1950s.

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Abstracts; Spring 1991

This article, from the Spring 1991 issue of Gems & Gemology, is a compilation of abstracts of important gemology-related articles published outside of Gems & Gemology.

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Abstracts; Summer 1991

From the Summer 1991 issue of Gems & Gemology, a summary of important gemology-related articles published in other journals.

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Orangy Pink Coated "Soft Coral"

A coral specimen that was coated—not dyed—with a coloring agent only on the surface, an unusual method evidenced by microscopic features.

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Filled Aquamarine Jewelry
Polymer-Filled Aquamarine

The authors have encountered hundreds of polymer-filled aquamarines in the Chinese jewelry market.

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