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Red Beryl from Utah: A Review and Update

There is only one known commercial occurrence of gem-quality red beryl in the world.

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Gem-Quality Red Beryl from the Wah Wah Mountains, Utah

The unique mineralogical and gemological character of gem-quality red beryl from Utah.

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A round, bright red gem displayed on a dark gray background. Article
The Red Hot Gems of Summer

These red, pink and orange hued gems evoke passion and excitement – and are surefire accessories for sultry summer days.

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Interesting Red Tourmaline from Zambia

A new source of red tourmaline is identified in Zambia.

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Treated Fancy Red Diamond

Examines a 2.14 ct oval-cut diamond, graded as Fancy red, whose red color was produced through a combination of high-presssure, high-temperature (HPHT) treatment and irradiation plus annealing.

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A New Gem Beryl Locality: Luumäki, Finland

Strongly etched prismatic crystals of yellow, green, and pale blue gem beryl have been quarried from a pegmatite dike in Luumäki, Finland.

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A New Classification for Red-To-Violet Garnets

An overview of previous red-to-violet garnet classification schemes and a proposal for a new one.

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Pink-to-Red Coral: A Guide to Determining Origin of Color

Pink-to-red coral has a long history as an ornamental gem material in jewelry, carvings, and sculptures.

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Purple to Purplish Red Chromium-Bearing Taaffeites

Gemological, microscopic, chemical, and spectroscopic properties are given for eight purple to purplish red chromium (Cr)- and iron (Fe)-bearing taaffeites and, for comparison, two grayish violet Fe-bearing but Cr-free samples.

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Gem Garnets in The Red-To-Violet Color Range

This article shows that the characteristic of color appears to have little correlation with variations in bulk (not trace) composition or physical properties.

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