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Purple to Purplish Red Chromium-Bearing Taaffeites

Gemological, microscopic, chemical, and spectroscopic properties are given for eight purple to purplish red chromium (Cr)- and iron (Fe)-bearing taaffeites and, for comparison, two grayish violet Fe-bearing but Cr-free samples.

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Gem Garnets in The Red-To-Violet Color Range

This article shows that the characteristic of color appears to have little correlation with variations in bulk (not trace) composition or physical properties.

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Identification of the Endangered Pink-To-Red Stylaster Corals by Raman Spectroscopy

All corals within the Stylasteridae family (including the Stylaster genus) are listed in Appendix II of CITES.

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Rounded Garnet Crystals
Bohemian Garnet – Today

Red garnets have been mined in the Bohemian Hills of Czechoslovakia since the 16th century.

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Unusual Faceted Massive Fuchsite

An unusually large faceted fuchsite, the chromian variety of muscovite, was identified and its green color explained.

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Richard Nacken in 1907
Synthetic Emeralds Grown by Richard Nacken in the Mid-1920s: Properties, Growth Technique, and Historical Account

Describes the chemical, morphological, and microscopic properties of the first gem-quality synthetic emeralds ever produced, offering a historical perspective on their development.

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Emerald crystals from Colombia, Afghanistan, and Zambia
Photoluminescence Spectra of Emeralds from Colombia, Afghanistan, and Zambia

Compares PL spectroscopy data of 48 emerald samples from three countries to evaluate the usefulness of the technique in geographic origin determination.

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8.5 ct Aquamarine Cabochon
Aquamarine from the Masino-Bregaglia Massif, Central Alps, Italy

Aquamarine from granitic pegmatites of the Masino-Bregaglia Massif, Central Alps, Italy.

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Colombian Trapiche Emeralds: Recent Advances in Understanding Their Formation

Proposes a model for trapiche emerald formation based on petrographic, spectroscopic, and chemical examination.

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Abstracts; Winter 1996

This article, from the Winter 1996 issue of Gems & Gemology, is a compilation of abstracts of important gemology-related articles published outside of Gems & Gemology.

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