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Gemological Characteristics of Saltwater Cultured Pearls Produced After Xenotransplantation

Spectroscopic and radiographic study of experimental saltwater cultured pearls produced from xenotransplantation between P. margaritifera and P. maxima.

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Jadeite boulder from Itoigawa, Japan
Japanese Jadeite: History, Characteristics, and Comparison with Other Sources

Examines the sources, color, texture, and chemical composition of jadeite from Japanese deposits.

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Rough and faceted sapphires from Rock Creek, Montana
Alluvial Sapphires from Montana: Inclusions, Geochemistry, and Indications of a Metasomatic Origin

Microscopic and chemical analysis may provide clues to the original source of Montana’s alluvial sapphires and help distinguish them from sapphires with overlapping properties.

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Irradiated 1.06 ct brownish orange HPHT synthetic diamond
Photoluminescence Mapping of Optical Defects in HPHT Synthetic Diamond

Demonstrates the importance of this method in identifying diamond treatments, based on the analysis of PL maps acquired from a brownish orange HPHT synthetic diamond.

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Digital Photomicrography for Gemologists

A guide to capturing gem inclusion scenes using practical equipment and techniques and the appropriate image-refining software.

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299.35 ct and 112.61 ct diamond rough
Letšeng’s Unique Diamond Proposition

Explores the history, geology, and current production of this unique source of large diamonds.

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Fancy-color diamonds from Lomonosov, Russia.
Geology and Development of the Lomonosov Deposit, Northwestern Russia

Reviews diamond discoveries at the Lomonosov deposit, as well as the geology of the Arkhangelsk kimberlite province.

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Recent Advances in Understanding the Geology of Diamonds

Examines the last two decades’ advances in analyzing and understanding the formation of natural diamonds, and their relation to the earth’s formation.

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Actress models jewelry from Chinese retailer
Exploring the Chinese Gem and Jewelry Industry

Examines China’s eminent role in the gem and jewelry industry, as a manufacturer and a consumer market, and its impact on the global trade.

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Visit to Chow Tai Fook
Diamond Cutting Factory in Foshan, China

Behind the scenes at what's widely considered to be China’s largest jewelry retailer.

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