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Identifying Lab-Grown Diamonds

Dr. James E. Shigley describes the means of distinguishing colorless and colored synthetic gem-quality diamonds from natural diamonds.

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Color bars on top and sides of 3,019 ct rough opal
The Challenges of Cutting a Large Gem Opal Rough

A first-person account of cutting a 3,019 ct piece of white opal to create a 1,040 ct gem with play-of-color across the surface.

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Diamond octahedron, diamond bort, and carbonado
Carbonado Diamond: A Review of Properties and Origin

Presents a detailed examination of about 800 samples of carbonado diamond from Brazil and the Central African Republic, including possible models for its genesis.

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Fluorescence image of Aurora Butterfly of Peace
An Introduction to Photoluminescence Spectroscopy for Diamond and Its Applications in Gemology

Presents the underlying physics and methodology of this analytical technique, which has become an essential tool in identifying treated and synthetic diamonds.

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Non-nacreous Pen Pearls
Observations on Pearls Reportedly from the Pinnidae Family (Pen Pearls)

Examines the internal structure, chemical composition, and spectroscopic features of 22 pen pearls.

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The Ultimate Gemologist: A Tribute to Richard T. Liddicoat

On this occasion—the celebration of Richard T. Liddicoat’s 50 years guiding Gems & Gemology—it is fitting to review his enormous impact on the field of gemology.

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Diamond Fun Facts

Learn more about one of the Earth’s most fascinating creations, including some that became the most famous.

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Jade table screen.
Exhibition Review: Colors of the Universe: Chinese Hardstone Carvings

Review of Colors of the Universe: Chinese Hardstone Carvings at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Brazilian Diamonds: A Historical and Recent Perspective

Recounts the history, geology, and notable localities of diamond mining in Brazil, and outlines plans for future diamond production.

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Handful of opal Article
Lightning Ridge: The World Capital of Fine Black Opal

Lightning Ridge is the world capital of fine black opals, the most desired of all opals. In June 2015 a group of GIA field gemologists visited this legendary town in New South Wales, Australia. Come with us to explore this important source of fine opals.

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