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Colorless beryl crystal in purple fluorite specimen.
Beryl Crystal in Fluorite

A purple fluorite contains an elongate, rod-shaped beryl crystal.

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A green dye concentration observed in beryl.
Dyed Green Beryl

A step-cut beryl is dyed to simulate emerald.

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Aquamarine with a dramatic secondary growth layer
Unusual Growth Zoning in Beryl

A striking aquamarine specimen showed a strongly saturated secondary growth layer.

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Ancient Tourmaline and Beryl from Afghanistan

Examination of a large private collection of beads and carvings from antique excavations, assembled in the 1970s by a collector in Afghanistan.

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Nonfading Maxixe-Type Beryl?

A "nonfading" specimen was examined and proved to be the typical fading Maxixe-type deep blue beryl.

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Aquamarine, Maxixe-Type Beryl, and Hydrothermal Synthetic Blue Beryl: Analysis and Identification

Aquamarine, Maxixe-type (irradiated) beryl, and two types of hydrothermally grown synthetic blue beryl currently available in the marketplace were investigated by various gemological methods.

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Press Release
Seeing Red: The World of Rubies

GIA at the Myanmar International Gems & Jewellery Expo, February 8-10

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This 2.14 ct “Fancy red” oval-cut diamond was produced through a multi-step treatment process. Article
Treated Fancy Red Diamond

Examines a 2.14 ct oval-cut diamond, graded as Fancy red, whose red color was produced through a combination of high-presssure, high-temperature (HPHT) treatment and irradiation plus annealing.

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Special Report on Red Feldspar

A compilation of ongoing research into red feldspar and its sources around the world, as well as the detection of various color treatment processes.

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Faceted Cordierite
Red Cordierite from Madagascar

The gemological properties of the first documented occurrence of red cordierite, from Madagascar, are examined.

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