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XClear Selections
The increasing popularity of cultured pearls with unusual color and size combinations
Cultured Pearl Update

Fran Mastoloni shares his thoughts on the status of the cultured pearl market.

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Large sunstone rough from the Ponderosa mine in Oregon
Ponderosa Sunstone Update

John Woodmark provides an update on the Ponderosa sunstone mine in Oregon.

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Red beryl from Utah found on the secondary market
Finds from the Secondary Market

Dave Bindra shows some noteworthy pieces he obtained on the secondary market and shares his thoughts on the state of the colored stones market.

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8.41 ct pear-shaped Fancy Vivid purple-pink diamond
Record Prices at Gem Auctions

Auction price records were broken in late 2014 as ultra-wealthy buyers vied for rare, important gemstones.

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