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Fall 2005 G&G Book Reviews

“Shinde Jewels”; “The History of Beads: From 30,000 B.C. To the Present”; “Totems to Turquoise: Native North American Jewelry Arts of the Northwest and Southwest”; “Exploration Criteria for Coloured Gemstone Deposits In the Yukon”; “The Pegmatite Mines Known as Palermo”; “Tourmalines of Malkhan”; “Gemstones: Quality and Value, Volume 1”

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Fall 2004 G&G Book Reviews

“Blood from Stones: The Secret Financial Network of Terror”; “Starting to Collect Antique Jewellery”; “Starting to Collect Antique Silver”; “Within the Stone”; “Gems and Jewels: A Connoisseur’s Guide”; “The Tourmaline”; “The History of Mount Mica”

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