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XClear Selections
A bright orange, multi-faceted gem.
Fall for Autumn Gems

Nature gives us a brilliant palette of color-changing leaves and a spectacular kaleidoscope of colorful sunsets during the fall season.

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Colored stone pendants designed by Erica Courtney
Designs from Erica Courtney

Award-winning jewelry designer Erica Courtney presents four of her creations.

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Red beryl from Utah found on the secondary market
Finds from the Secondary Market

Dave Bindra shows some noteworthy pieces he obtained on the secondary market and shares his thoughts on the state of the colored stones market.

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Pink Topaz from Pakistan

Pakistan has begun to produce fine gem-quality pink topaz.

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An Update on Imperial Topaz from the Capao Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The Capao mine is one of the oldest and most productive fully mechanized Imperial topaz mines in the historic Ouro Preto area of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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The Rutilated Topaz Misnomer

An examination of so-called "rutilated topaz."

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Altering the Color of Topaz

A review of the various techniques in use today to change colorless topaz to a variety of hues.

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