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“Candelabra” Necklace
The Rock Hound: Muzo Emeralds and Ethical Practices

Susi Smither discusses her sustainable, responsible, and ethically based business practices.

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Mining site at Zahamena National Park, Madagascar
The Color of Responsibility: Ethical Issues and Solutions in Colored Gemstones

Examines the challenges of ethical sourcing and production of colored stones, and what some industry leaders are doing to address the situation.

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Grandics, wearing black-framed glasses, is behind a bouquet of point-shaped molds.
Emerging Designer Wins Grant to Create Ethical Brand

Designer’s frequent world travels laid a foundation of creative experimentation, design inspiration and social responsibility.

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Sustainably mined yellow sapphire with a transparent chain of custody.
Ethical and Sustainable Vertical Integration in the Sapphire Market

The recession of 2008 transforms a gem business into a vertically integrated operation.

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“Ethics of Jewelry” panelists at the Met.
"The Ethics of Jewelry" at MetFridays

A summary of “The Ethics of Jewelry” panel, held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on January 25, 2019.

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How GIA Grades Diamonds

Learn about GIA's processes to ensure the most accurate and ethical diamond grading results.

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Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference

Experts at the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference discuss safe, sustainable, ethical gem production and jewelry design.

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Gem Treatment Disclosure and U.S. Law

In recent years, the obligation to fully disclose all gem treatments has changed from a mere ethical responsibility to a legal one.

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Trillion-cut blue hyalite opals.
Sourcing Stones with Columbia Gem House

Thoughts from a longtime Tucson exhibitor on responsible practices and the changing market trends.

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An Era of Sweeping Change in Diamond and Colored Stone Production Markets

The diamond, colored stone, and pearl businesses have witnessed unprecedented change since the turn of the 21st century.

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