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Synthetic Ruby Overgrowth on Natural Corundum
Unheated faceted and rough rubies weighing from 0.9 to 5.4 carats from Niassa
This 2.14 ct “Fancy red” oval-cut diamond was produced through a multi-step treatment process.
Natural malachite, like the analyzed material shown here, is well known for its bright green color and distinctive banded structure.
A very fine
Interesting features revealed by Nomarski differential interference microscopy are the somewhat circular cracks in the table facet at the outer edge of the dome, surrounding and defining the uplifted blister, and the individual plates of sapphire with cracks separating them and extending from the base of the dome to the very edge of the crater.
Spinel rough from Tajikistan, the largest stone (upper right) weighing 242.50ct.
A clear multi‐phase inclusion in jeremejevite. Magnified 128x.
This 6.3 ct purplish pink sapphire is the first of this color in which our laboratory detected natural Be with Ta and Nb.

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