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San Diego Chapter: Collectible Beads presented by Sindi Schloss, GIA GG

Humans have adorned themselves with beads since we lived in caves. They are considered to be the first form of jewelry and are also archaeological indicators of when we became “modern man.” Beads are so significant that most cultures throughout history have used and continue to use them to convey meaning and value, making them important heirlooms and highly collectible. Historic traders and modern day travelers have acquired treasures from near and far, which eventually cross our desks.
Join Sindi Schloss, GIA GG, for a fun and fascinating overview of the history of human adornment, as well as the factors that help us to identify conditions that make some beads more expensive than others. As prices for older beads increase annually, beads have skyrocketed into collectible status. Schloss with show us the factors that help us to identify, categorize and determine value for collectible beads will be discussed.
This presentation should help us better identify these small, but far from insignificant treasures, and have provide us with a greater awareness of their value. All attendees should bring a loupe.
Sindi Schloss, GIA GG, is owner and operator of her own firm, International Gemological Services, which provides jewelry appraisals, a gemstone testing laboratory and a school of gemology. As past chair of exhibitions of The Bead Museum in Arizona, she curated and installed many exhibitions on global jewelry and adornment. Her newly released and invaluable reference book “Beads: A Reference and Price Guide,” will be available for purchase.
All are welcome to attend this event, whether you're a GIA alumni, student, industry associate, hobbyist or guest. Please feel free to share this invitation.

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