Alumni Chapter

Metro Phoenix Chapter: Hosts Nicolai Medvedev and Susan Helmich

Join the Metro Phoenix chapter for a presentation and first look at the extraordinary gem and jewelry creations of Nicolai Medvedev and Susan Helmich.

Medvedev is a master of intarsia, the art of fitting varying shapes and sizes of a material (such as high quality lapis lazuli, malachite, sugilite, opal, azurite, tourmaline and rhodochrosite) so closely together that the effect appears and feels seamless. His art was featured in the Winter 1986 issue of Gems & Gemology. This time-consuming and detail-oriented endeavor is one of the most difficult forms of lapidary art, resulting in beautiful works ready to grace a desk, cabinet or in the case of Medvedev, an exhibition case in the Smithsonian Institution.

Helmich, a creative and world renowned jewelry artist and goldsmith, will join Medvedev to discuss their collaboration on a piece of jewelry that will be donated to the Smithsonian’s permanent collection. It is not yet finished, so we will be among the first to hear about and experience what happens when two great artists join forces to create something new. The results are sure to be spectacular.

Join us as for our grand finale alumni event of 2017 – and it will be grand!