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Ohio Chapter: Appraising Antique Jewelry with Gail Brett Levine, GIA GG

Comparables, where similarities and differences are measured against any and all items that are nearly the same, are used to help establish value when appraising antique and period jewelry. Gail Brett Levine, an independent personal property appraiser, will show you how an appraiser contrasts and collates comparable items until enough of a parallel exists for the appraiser to make a value determination. 
This is an instructive and interactive presentation about a challenging debate (or conflict) of antique jewelry and appraising. We invite you to bring a loupe and a piece of period jewelry you have a question on to evaluate and use a comparable item.
Levine, who has been in the jewelry trade for 40 years, began her career as president of Presidential Antiques Co., Inc., an antique shop in Alexandria, Virginia, where she specialized in antique, period and estate jewelry.
She received her GIA GG in residence in New York in 1980, serves on the executive council of the GIA Alumni Association and has been an officer of the Manhattan chapter of the GIA Alumni since 1982. She has been a board member and treasurer of the American Society of Jewelry Historians, a board advisor of Gem-A USA, past president of the board of directors of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) from 1996 to 1998, and served on the ISA board for five years.

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