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Mile High Chapter: A Gemologist’s Journey through Madagascar

Join Michelle Rahm as she takes you on a captivating journey through Madagascar. She’ll highlight the country’s mystique and share information on its mineralogy and geology. 

Rahm will share lots of beautiful photos and videos, as she takes you on a tour of various mining operations, including some of the country’s most famous tourmaline and corundum deposits. You’ll also see how much Ilakaka, the famous alluvial sapphire deposit, transforms in just 15 months and you’ll see factories busy with employees polishing gems and mounds of rocks. 

She’ll also share her experiences with the people and culture and end her presentation with information on her humanitarian projects in Madagascar. 

This presentation has some of the same content from three years ago, but also lots of new content.

Please join this opportunity to learn and network with other local jewelry and gem professionals. All are welcome to attend Mile High Chapter events; whether you're a GIA graduate, student, industry associate, hobbyist or guest. Please share this invitation with any others you feel would be interested.

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