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Metro Phoenix Chapter: Jewels and Fashion in the Excessive 80s and Austere 90s

Image by Heritage Auctions,

Presenter: Gina D'Onofrio
Emerging trends in fashion and jewelry point to the 1980s – 1990s as the new vintage. Gina D'Onofrio will dive into the evolution of jewelry design during this time period by exploring art, fashion, social and economic influences and discover who the leading designers and influencers were in Europe and the USA.

Through comparing and contrasting design movements from each era, you will have enough information to comfortably date jewelry from this exciting time period.

With work in the retail, auction and manufacturing sectors of the jewelry industry since 1989, Gina D’Onofrio’s experience encompasses jewelry design and production, appraisals, buying and selling of contemporary, antique and period jewelry, sales, and management. Prior to joining Heritage Auctions, she operated an independent gemological laboratory, appraisal service and consulting firm and has been catering to private individuals, banks, trusts, non-profit organizations, insurance companies, legal firms and the jewelry trade in the greater Los Angeles area.

Presented in partnership with the Arizona AGS Guild, the Los Angeles Guild, and the Orange County Guild.


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