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Manhattan Chapter: GIA Gem Identification Presentations

A color-change alexandrite shown side-by-side in different lighting. On the left in green from fluorescent light and on the right in reddish purple from incandescent light.
A 8.82 ct, cushion cut color-change reddish purple (incandescent light) to green (fluorescent light) alexandrite. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA, Courtesy: Dr. Eduard J. Gübelin Collection.

Join the GIA Alumni Association and the Manhattan Chapter for presentations by Tyler Smith, GIA GG, Senior Staff Gemologist and Virginia Schneider, FGA, Analytics Technician as they present on the following topics:

Alexandrite Country of Origin Determination

Alexandrite is the most recent gemstone that GIA is able to accurately determine its geographic origin. We look at Alexandrite’s most common production sites, its unique properties and the beautiful inclusion scenes found within.

Extended Applications of LA-ICP-MS in Gem Identification

The LA-ICP-MS “Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry” analysis application will be presented. This special tool is essential in the determination of country of origin of several gems.


An array of multi-colored and multi-shaped elbaite tourmaline.
Elbaite tourmalines, species determined by LA-ICP-MS. Top row, left to right: 41.90 ct blue elbaite. 31.21 ct brownish orange elbaite, and 12.95 ct green elbaite. Middle row, left to right: 2.12 ct light blue cuprian elbaite. 8.15 ct red elbaite, 9.69 ct colorless elbaite, and 5.50 ct yellow elbaite. Bottom row: a 3.28 ct deep blue cupiran elbaite. Photo: Orasa Weldon/GIA. Courtesy: GIA Dr. Edward J. Gubelin collection/Indicolite gift of Martin Zinn.

Virginia Schneider is an Analytics Technician for New York Gem Identification department at GIA, performing spectroscopic and chemical analyses of colored gemstones, diamonds, and pearls.

Tyler Smith is a senior staff gemologist at GIA’s colored stone department where he specializes in gem identification and photomicroscopy.

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