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Introduction to Diamonds

A round diamond held by a set of tweezers
No other gem captures the popular imagination like a diamond. Not only are they beautiful, but they are immensely important to the gem and jewelry industry. It is crucial that industry professionals be well informed about the many factors involved in determining their value and bringing them to market.

Indispensable knowledge for diamond professionals and collectors

A diamond is an amazing gem. It is the hardest substance on earth; it is made of a single element and formed under extreme heat and pressure. Its popularity is unrivaled and it is the most important gem in the global gem and jewelry industry, so understanding how a diamond’s value is determined is vital for professionals and consumers.
A natural diamond may be billions of years old, but its dynamics in the market are still evolving. The growth of gem-quality laboratory-grown diamonds and increased interest in tracking their country of origin are just two examples of the more recent trends that diamond professionals will need to understand.

GIA is at the forefront of international diamond evaluation, research and education. The Institute developed the 4Cs of Diamond Quality (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat), the standard used around the world to evaluate diamond quality. 
This seminar will introduce the knowledge essential for both gem and jewelry professionals and collectors. Key topics will include diamond’s physical properties, diamond formation, major sources, the 4Cs of Diamond Quality, clarity and color treatments, laboratory-grown diamonds and simulants, the mine-to-market journey, and GIA’s diamond services.
This seminar is ideal for anyone in the gem and jewelry trade including sales associates, retailers, investors and collectors.

What you’ll learn:

  • The basic properties of diamonds, how they are formed and major global sources.
  • How diamonds are evaluated, including the principals of the 4Cs of Diamond Quality grading system.
  • How laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond simulants compare with natural diamonds, and the importance of disclosing these differences.
  • Treatments used to enhance the quality of diamonds, including their color and clarity.
  • Recognize the major sectors along the global diamond supply chain from the mine to retail store.
  • An overview of the diamond grading services and reports provided by GIA.

Participants will be provided a digital reference guide and are encouraged to ask questions as they are guided by a GIA instructor who will share their expertise through illustrations, images and lecture.

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Each online seminar is two hours. New dates may be added throughout the year. The number of attendees will be limited to ensure the best experience for attendees.

  • Sept 17, 2021; 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Pacific Time

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