When you purchase one of our primary or update diamond grading services, we will provide next-day turnaround for these services at no additional cost.

  • Diamond Grading Report
  • GIA Diamond Dossier®
  • Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report
  • Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report – Dossier

Limited-Time Complimentary Next-Day Service

Write promo code holiday on your memo and outside of your shipping box.

Ship to GIA: November 13 - December 19
Deliver in person: November 13 - December 20

GIA Laboratories in New York, NY & Carlsbad, CA

Natural and laboratory-grown D-to-Z diamonds

U.S. retailers only

To ensure fast turnaround, all services including inscription or AGS Ideal® must be requested on your memo. All stones will be processed and automatically printed without an opportunity to add additional services for this promotion. Limit of 10 stones per client, per day. Standard shipping rates apply.

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