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9/11 Brooch

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Photo: Robert Weldon, Courtesy of Robin Silvers

Exhibit Description

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of September 11th, GIA was honored to display a collection of artifacts that survived that day.  Recovered from a safety deposit box in building 5 of the World Trade Center, the collection of family heirlooms included a 1950’s 14K white gold ribbon bow brooch set with 75 diamonds, two small silver mesh clutches and two gold pocket watches.  The original vault in building 5 housed almost 2500 safety deposit boxes, the majority of whose contents were reduced to ash, yet the brooches’ diamonds remain nearly untouched by the event and serve as a poignant example of a diamond’s nature.

Family Heirlooms Recovered After 9/11 Attacks

Learn how these family heirlooms were recovered, returned to their owner and eventually displayed at GIA.

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