GIA 4Cs Guide App

GIA's 4Cs Guide App, Available in Chinese and English
GIA’s 4Cs Guide app features video and interactive tools that teach you about how GIA grades color, cut, clarity and carat weight. It explains GIA’s D-to-Z color scale and how diamond color can affect value, GIA’s clarity scale and how diamond clarity can affect value, the factors that affect a diamond’s cut grade and the origins of the carat system.

Available in English and Simplified Chinese.

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Interactive tools show:
  • How diamond color changes across the GIA D-to-Z Color Scale
  • Typical inclusions and blemishes at various points in the GIA Clarity Scale
  • A diamond’s anatomy and how various parameters influence a diamond’s cut grade
  • How a diamond’s size changes by carat weight and enables you to compare the sizes of different diamonds
  • An interactive GIA Grading Report Anatomy – to help consumers understand the different elements of a GIA report

Additional features include:
  • Retailer Lookup (network connection required) allows consumers to find retailers that sell GIA-graded diamonds and/or have GIA-trained sales associates.
  • Information on fluorescence, common diamond treatments, laboratory-grown diamonds and simulants.
  • Direct Access to GIA Report Check (network connection required) - GIA’s online database of reports. Consumers can verify the contents of a GIA report and view a PDF version of that report simply by entering a GIA report number.

4Cs App for Retailers

Retailers can find a version of the 4Cs app for use at point of sale with
  • Informative and interactive content to help you educate your clients about diamonds, the 4Cs and GIA reports
  • Direct access to GIA Report Check (network connection required)
  • Perfect for over-the-counter presentations using any tablet
Available in English and Simplified Chinese.

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