Winter 2017 - Volume 53, Issue 4
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Shattuckite typically forms aggregates of circular to spherulitic masses composed of acicular crystals
Quarterly Crystal: Shattuckite in Quartz

A quartz crystal from Namibia, hosting of spherulitic to circular masses of shattuckite, is examined.

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Faceted manufactured glass beads.
Wollastonite Blizzard Within Glass

Beads believed to be synthetic quartz are discovered to be glass with a surprising set of inclusions.

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Yellowish green vesuvianite crystal in faceted Burmese ruby.
Vesuvianite in Burmese Ruby

A yellowish green crystal inclusion in a ruby is found to be vesuvianite.

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Tourmaline and calcite on Burmese ruby.
Tourmaline Crystals on Burmese Ruby

Myanmar’s Kyatpin Valley yields an fascinating gemstone association.

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Brown and black exsolution platelets of hematite and ilmenite in feldspar show colorful thin-film interference colors.
New Phenomenal Feldspar from North Carolina with Iridescent Inclusions

A deposit in North Carolina yields potassium feldspar with a phenomenon similar to Australian rainbow lattice sunstone.

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Negative crystal in Burmese red spinel.
Complex Yellow Fluid Inclusions in Red Burmese Spinel

A unique inclusion in red spinel is indicative of a Burmese origin.

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Remarkable Twinned Calcite Inclusion in Mogok Ruby

A clear example of calcite twinning is found in a ruby from the Mogok Stone Tract.

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Inclusion scene of pyrite crystals and aragonite spheres in Ethiopian opal.
Aragonite Spheres in Ethiopian Opal

Unusual inclusions are found in an opal from Ethiopia’s Wollo Province.

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